Demolition Services

As demolition contractors we offer a range of services and can provide the following as a Principal Contractor or a Sub Contractor:-

  • Floor by floor demolition
  • Low rise demolition
  • Long reach demolition
  • Cut and carve demolition to structures
  • Party wall restraint
  • Façade retention
  • Combined demolition and piling packages
  • Specialist diamond cutting and robotic demolition
  • Basement support systems 
  • Reduce level dig
  • Soft strip of buildings
  • Underpinning of structures
  • Management of asbestos removal 

Cost Planning

 Our estimating team can provide the following information:-

  • Budget costings 
  • Fixed price costs 
  • Outline programme advice
  • Assessment of Risks and Opportunities
  • Detailed programme advice
  • Sequence advice
  • Site logistics advice


We have experience in producing designs and documentation to obtain local authority and third party approvals:-

  • Site Environmental Management Plans 
  • Demolition & Construction Management Plans
  • Construction Traffic Management Plans
  • Section 80 Notice
  • Section 61 
  • AIP Submissions
  • Scaffold designs for over-sailing licenses
  • Site Waste Management plans