Mansfield Bowls Club

April 2018 - August 2018 - £255K 

Professional Team - Generator Group

The Mansfield Bowls Club site was located in a densely populated residential area. Residential properties bounded all four elevations of the 3 acre plot and our only access to the site was a single narrow roadway between two of the adjoining houses. Our scope included the asbestos removal and soft strip of the two storey buildings followed by the demolition of all above ground structures, hard standings and grubbing up of foundations.

One of the key challenges on site was working over and around the Thames Water Victorian sewer that crossed the site. Strict loading criteria and working restrictions had been set by Thames Water and our team had to ensure we adhered to these restrictions throughout our works on site.

The project itself had attracted considerable attention from Camden Council, neighbours and the media during the planning process so our demolition works were under close scrutiny throughout our time on site. To further increase our public interface the site also housed the Camden Tennis Club courts and pavilion. The club shared the same site access so one of our first activities was to relocate the tennis club access.

To comply with Camden’s Code of Practice for demolition our team installed a full environmental monitoring system on site which monitored noise, dust and vibration emissions from our works to ensure we worked within the parameters set by Camden. 

Our site team regularly met with residents to maintain neighbourly relations and discuss the progress of works on site. 

Large 360 degree plant fitted with rotating cracker attachments progressively demolished all of the structures on site in a predetermined sequence, atomiser sprays were used to control dust emissions during the demolition process. The existing slab, hard standings and foundations were removed down to a depth of 1m with all concrete and brick materials removed from site.

Our site team maintained excellent relationships with our neighbours throughout the works on site and all demolition works were completed on programme and within budget.