120 Moorgate

July 2018 - Ongoing -  £3.3M

Professional Team - Blenheim House Construction/Gleeds

The Moorgate project is situated on the corner of South Place and Moorgate. This is an extremely busy junction for pedestrians and vehicles as it is located between Liverpool Street and Moorgate main line stations. There was small loading bay in South Place Mews for loading vehicles but this is within a shared access so needs to be carefully managed at all times by our traffic marshals.

The works were split into three phases to allow the design process to be progressed, phase one helped to inform the design by exposing the existing structure.

Phase 1 of the project was to undertake a full soft strip back to the RC structure of the 9-storey building. Each floor was approximately 900m2 and the strip out included all fit out, suspended floors, non load bearing walls, floor screeds and asbestos bitumen residue to 75% of all floor slabs. One of the main challenges on site was working around the Barclays Bank located on the ground floor of the building. The Bank remained fully operational throughout and care had to taken to maintain essential services. The soft strip phase of the project was completed on time with no disruption to the bank or customers.

Phase 2 has recently been completed and involved the removal of all external RC cladding panels by robotic demolition methods, creating new door openings, new riser openings throughout the structure and large slab openings for new staircases. All redundant lifts were also removed and thresholds diamond cut and lowered in preparation for the new lifts. Once the perimeter cladding had been removed the existing stepped slab edge to all floor levels was diamond cut flush to make way for new cladding panels to be inserted. 

The existing underground car park spiral ramp was also partially demolished to make space for a new gym. All surfaces were specialist cut to suit the follow on construction. All of the phase 2 works were undertaken with the Barclays Bank full operational within the building. Our team utilised acoustic blankets and specialist cutting techniques to manage the noise emissions from our works wherever possible.

Phase 3 starts early 2020.