33 Grosvenor Place

April 2019 - February 2020 - £2.2M

Professional Team - Cleveland Clinic/Sir Robert McAlpine/Pick Everard

The dismantling of the façade retention scheme at 33 Grosvenor Place required the careful removal of over 200m linear meters of a structural steel retention system. This hybrid system cantilevered over the existing bus lane and in some cases over the second traffic lane of the highway below. Grosvenor Place is a main TFL red route in London and is constantly busy with pedestrian and highway traffic. Restrictions imposed by Westminster City Council and TFL dictated that dismantling works on the Grosvenor Place elevation could only be undertaken during night time lane closures from 10pm - 5am Sunday - Friday.

To add further complexity, the retention scheme had not been designed to be lifted out in prefabricated sections. To overcome this our engineers and management team worked with SRM to devise an efficient dismantling sequence whilst maintaining stability of the remaining system. Over a 20 week period our team dismantled 600 tonne of steelwork and lifted out the 40.no welfare cabins that had been incorporated into the system.

Each evening traffic management would be established in Grosvenor Place allowing the road surface to be locally protected. Sections of steel frames and support towers would then be lifted down into the road and cut and processed into sections ready for loading into waiting transport. Access scaffolding was progressively adapted to maintain pedestrian tunnels for the general public when the highway and footpath reopened at 5am each day.

The foundations for the retention system consisted of over 200 tonne of high level mass concrete blocks at the first floor level and over 1000 tonne of RC concrete foundations at the pavement level. Some of the RC concrete foundations were over 45m long, 1.2m wide and 2.4m high immediately adjacent to the live public footpath. To minimise noise and disruption to the operational footpath our team opted to wire saw cut the foundations into 5-9 tonne sections that could be lifted out by the site tower crane onto waiting transport. 

Our management teams are all qualified to be the Appointed Person/Lifting Supervisor for undertaking specialist dismantling projects of this nature.